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Angela Laversa
Angela Laversa  - Artist

Hello everyone, I'm Angela from China and I am the artist here at Pursue Baby reborns.Our babies are created with so much love and care.Exquisitely detailed, irresistible darling newborn baby doll characters delivered to you.Wish you like them.

Lori Watson
Jean Haines  -  Artist

Hello everyone, I'm Jean from Australia.I fell in love with this art form a few years ago while searching the internet for a doll for my little girl.I fell in love when I saw a reborn for the first time and I have been reborning ever since.

Rebecca Lofton
Rebecca Lofton  -  Artist

Hello everyone, I'm Rebecca from Unites States.I have been in the art industry for 16+ years, specializing in Folkart painting and Colonial art. My work has been displayed in Country Sampler magazine on several different occasions.

 Elisabeth Christensen
Elisabeth Christensen  -  Artist

Hello everyone, I'm Elisabeth from Norway.Creating precious little reborns for others to love and enjoy.My granddaughters introduced me to the world of reborns. I have always loved art and creating lifelike babies is such a wonderful experience for me.