How to care of your Doll

For Kids Tips:Not for children under 3 years.

The most important thing is to remember that reborn dolls aren't just another kind of toy. Hours of care have gone into creating these items, and they can't be handled in the same way as an ordinary doll. That means that the adult must teach the children take good care of the doll, both for the integrity of the doll and the safety of the child. There are a number of parts in a reborn doll that could become loose and be a choking hazard, for instance. Children are likely to want to play with these fascinating dolls, so you'll need to make sure that they know how to care of the baby dolls.

For Moving Tpis:Don't force too hard for the joints or parts.

When moving a reborn doll to posture, please don't force too hard for the joints or parts. Otherwise, they could come loose. Reborn dolls are more like delicate artworks than ordinary playthings, and many of their components are only lightly attached, or may be brittle. The hair, for instance, is often rooted strand by strand into the scalp, and can be easy to pull out. Eyelashes, fingernails, and eyebrows are among the most delicate components of reborn dolls.

For hair tips:No regular washing of the doll’s hair.

Once you take her out of her packaging, you may notice that her hair requires gentle styling to make her picture perfect. Use a nylon bristle brush or comb, gently comb her hair in one direction, starting at the crown. Then, use room-temperature water, make sure her hair is only slightly damp, which will make it easier to work with. Last, let her hair air dry and she's ready to charm! We don’t recommend regular washing of the doll’s hair since it can make it frizzy and damaged.

For Bathe Tips: Make sure your baby is full silicone or cloth body.

Please make sure your doll is full body silicone baby or cloth body silicone limbs doll. For full body silicone baby doll, you can bathe with the baby in the water and have fun with the baby; For cloth body and silicone limbs doll, you can wash the baby silicone parts: face, head, arms and legs. However, you can not put a cloth body reborn in water.